Since 2004, we have been working with business owners who need assistance with their business branding, marketing, development and growth. Our particular expertise includes identifying new opportunities and/or strategies to enhance their business.

We purposefully combine coaching with our training to help with guidance and implementation. We also understand that every business is different, so if you require training or coaching specifically designed for you and your business, please let us know.

Strategic Marketing, Action & Implementation

We provide one-on-one coaching for business owners to help improve their marketing strategies, create fresh ideas, guidance on business direction, action planning, implementation and support. We take you through these six essential training topics, and support your learning and implementation through tailored coaching sessions.

  1. Marketing Strategy • Marketing strategy and plan development
  2. Clients • Customer acquisition and retention
  3. Tools • Tools, strategies and resources • Online and offline marketing
  4. Branding • Branding evaluation • Promotional material evaluation
  5. Cash Flow • Cash flow strategies • Revenue streams
  6. Systems & Processes • Sales processes • Timeline and action plans

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Strategic Marketing, Website Evaluation And Running A Campaign

One-on-one training and coaching of a Three Section Plan to learn how to a) define and implement better marketing strategies, b) create a more effective website, and c) run a successful marketing campaign. Includes tailored training for you and your particular business, action planning, implementation and support.

A) Strategic Marketing 101

B) Website Evaluation & Training

C) How To Run A Successful Campaign

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