We are the experts in branding and re-branding businesses. Our expertise is to help your business stand out within your industry, appeal to your target market and reflect the vision, direction and professionalism of where your business is heading.  [Learn More]

  • Corporate branding
  • Promotional material
  • Digital and hand-drawn illustration
  • Graphic design


At Traction we believe that you cannot separate design and marketing – after all, there is no use producing something that looks great, but doesn’t deliver results, or that is a great marketing concept but doesn’t get noticed.   [Learn More]

  • Promotional marketing
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Offline marketing strategies
  • Copywriting and editing


We support business owners through business mentoring and training. Our practical advice, specialised training and individualised mentoring supports your growth both professionally and personally, for now and throughout your career, and the ability to utilise these strategies in all areas of your life.   [Learn More]