Are You Making Visual Progress?

For busy entrepreneurs, progress is essential; so how can it sometimes still feel so frustrating? A major reason for still feeling overwhelmed or as though you are not getting anywhere can be triggered when your progress is predominantly behind the scenes. This is especially true when a lot of progress has been made over a period of time without … Continue reading Are You Making Visual Progress?

Trusting your business intuition is important.

Do You Trust Your Gauges Or Gut?

With business advisors pointing you towards analysis and spreadsheets, is there still relevance in listening to your gut instinct? My V6 speedway car rumbles expectantly as I wait on the grid. Belts, helmet and neck brace secure? Check. I am focused, calm, in the zone and ready to go. My temperature light flicks on – … Continue reading Do You Trust Your Gauges Or Gut?

Your attitude and mindset towards business and life is everything.

Generosity and the ‘Why’

Generosity is not limited or bound by how much money, or how many possessions we may have - it is often given as time. Generosity is an attitude, followed up by an action. A valuable lesson was brought to my attention a couple of years ago, as my Rover Scout Crew and I were helping … Continue reading Generosity and the ‘Why’