Your personal brand is just as important in marketing as your business brand.

Have You Created Your Personal Brand?

Most business owners recognise the need for branding their business. But have you considered the value in branding yourself? Let’s take a quick look at the differences, benefits, and value of considering your own personal branding, as well as branding your business. Business Branding Your business branding is a worthwhile investment. From a physical point … Continue reading Have You Created Your Personal Brand?

How well do you appeal to your target market?

Are You Ideal for Your Ideal Clients?

In marketing, there is a very useful concept of describing your ideal client. It is a process of identifying the best type of client that your business could have, and their characteristics and habits. This exercise helps you to identify common traits, habits, lifestyles, locations, income brackets, hobbies etc to engage in tailored marketing directly … Continue reading Are You Ideal for Your Ideal Clients?

Trusting your business intuition is important.

Do You Trust Your Gauges Or Gut?

With business advisors pointing you towards analysis and spreadsheets, is there still relevance in listening to your gut instinct? My V6 speedway car rumbles expectantly as I wait on the grid. Belts, helmet and neck brace secure? Check. I am focused, calm, in the zone and ready to go. My temperature light flicks on – … Continue reading Do You Trust Your Gauges Or Gut?

The Business Dating Game

The Business Dating Game

Wooing new clients is a lot like dating. You wouldn't rush up to someone on the street you had never met and ask them to marry you, would you? Why then do so many business owners think that one-off contact (for example, one advert) will be successful? Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, … Continue reading The Business Dating Game