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Traction Business Acceleration Limited is a New Zealand company, based in Christchurch.

Established in 1996, it started it’s life as a graphic design business called Design Centre. In 1998 Darlene Mathieson bought the business, then called Design Centre Graphics, and later rebranded it as Dipped In Ink to reflect the hand-drawn illustration and copywriting she was known for. In 2006 the business was incorporating as a limited company, Dipped In Ink Limited.

In 2017 the business was renamed and rebranded, as Traction Business Acceleration Limited, to better reflect the focus on business mentoring and strategic marketing, and to align with her other passion, motorsport.

Utilising mobile, cloud-based technology, cunning business systems and strategic business partnerships, we can work from anywhere in the world and with clients across the globe.

DARLENE MATHIESON – Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Motorsport Champion

Darlene Mathieson, Business Consultant and Director of Traction Business AccelerationDarlene Mathieson specialises in helping business owners grow their business through branding, marketing, mindset and motivation.

For more than 20 years she has been working with business owners, helping them to develop their business and personal branding, marketing strategies, and business growth through strategic planning, identifying new opportunities, problem solving, and implementing focused action.

During the last 13 years as a business mentor, she has discovered that mindset and motivation are as much a key to business success as planning and implementation.

Darlene’s goal is to be the most trusted marketing and business consultant in New Zealand, through practical advice, specialised training and individualised mentoring to help business owners grow professionally and personally, both now and throughout their career, and to utilise these strategies in all areas of their lives.

“It is my vision to help people reach their true potential, to create better lifestyles and enhance their freedom of choice.” – Darlene Mathieson

MOTORSPORT – Her Other Passion

Darlene has been competing in motorsport for the last ten years, including winning both individual and team events both in New Zealand and Australia. She competes in multiple motorsport events – speedway, rally and off-road racing.

“Clay, dirt, gravel and mud – each style is very different, and, just like in business, to succeed you need to have a strategic plan, to learn from your mistakes, adapt to what’s around you, and play to win.” – Darlene Mathieson

Darlene Mathieson racing in New Zealand and Australia

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